Department Purpose

The Coffee County Schools' Director of Attendance operates as a liaison between home, school, court and the State Department of Education to ensure compliance with the state law(s) related to school attendance (TCA  49-6-3001) and to assist at-risk students with other services.

Department Goals

  • To ensure that every child in the Coffee County School System receives an adequate education.
  • To provide every child with the necessary instructional time needed to develop the skills being taught.
  • To provide school personnel with technical assistance regarding the student management program as related to reporting and accountability of school attendance.
  • To assist the Director of Schools with enrollment issues.
  • To provide parents and students with information regarding GED, Home School, and Homeless.

Important Information

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Keith Cornelius
Attendance Supervisor

PH: 931-222-1064

Edwina Pate
Attendance Administrative Assistant

PH: 931-222-1064

Attendance Policy

Attendance is a key factor in student achievement, and therefore, students are expected to be present each day school is in session. The Director of Schools/designee shall develop appropriate administrative procedures to implement this policy.

Our current attendance policy can be found here, Board Policy 6.200.

Enrollment Requirements

The parent/student is asked to provide

  1. Proof of legal birth name and age (Ex. Birth Certificate or Adoption Record)
  2. Social Security Number for identification and tracking purposes (Requested but NOT Required)
  3. Proof of Immunization on a Tennessee School Entry Immunization Form.  Exceptions, in the absence of an epidemic or immediate threat thereof, will be granted to any child whose parent or guardian shall file with school authorities a signed, written statement that such measures conflict with his/her religious tenets and practices; or due to medical reasons if such child has a written statement from his/her doctor excusing him from such immunization.
  4. Proof of Legal Custodial Guardian if parents are divorced.
  5. Copy of a current physical, if the student is enrolling for the first time in a Tennessee school.
  6. Two documents that verify proof of residence in the school zone for a Coffee County School.

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