District Homebound Procedures

Homebound instruction is for students who are unable to attend school for 2 consecutive weeks(10 days) or longer due to medical or emotional needs. It is not a disciplinary placement, nor is it a place for students to make up missed work or regain missing credits. A student on Homebound will receive a minimum of 3 hours per week instruction. This is completed by one 3-hour session or two 90 minute sessions. Homebound students receiving special education services shall receive direct instruction based on the number of hours determined by the student’s IEP. Homebound instruction attempts to help students stay current in their class assignments while they are at home. However, it is possible that students may, in some situations, return to school still behind in their classwork because their illness prohibits them from maintaining the pace of the classroom while receiving Homebound services.

Here you can find a printable version of the page along with necessary forms.

State of Tennessee Homebound Guidance (PDF)

The State Department of Education guidelines state that home instruction may be provided to students when the following criteria is/are met:
  • Certification by a licensed physician that the student is expected to be absent from school for a minimum of two consecutive weeks due a medical or emotional condition.
  • Certification by a licensed physician that the student can receive an instructional program without endangering the health of the instructor or other students with whom the instructor may come in contact.
  • Enrollment in a Coffee County school.
Homebound Request

Obtain a Request for Homebound Services packet from the Coffee County Schools Homebound Coordinator housed at the Coffee County Board of Education, 1343 McArthur St. Manchester, TN 37355.

Parents must ensure that the form for homebound is signed by a physician and submitted to the Homebound Coordinator. Contact information for faxing or mailing these documents is provided on the forms. The application forms include the current medical diagnosis and treatment plan, supported by documentation from the office visits and/or hospitalization admission and discharge summary with an expected date of 1 return. Once the completed application is received, it will be reviewed for approval by the Homebound Coordinator and the Coffee County Schools’ Homebound Committee. If approved, the parents and student must meet with the Homebound coordinator prior to beginning homebound. During this meeting parents and students rights and responsibilities will be addressed and signed.

Simply completing the packet does NOT initiate homebound services.
Homebound Attendance
Responsibilities of the Classroom Teacher(s)

A student receiving homebound or home based instruction is maintained on the class roll. The classroom teacher(s) will:

1. Provide the homebound or home based teacher with appropriate instructional materials and information. This material should be in a closed envelope in a a determined location. Drop off and pick up shall be arranged with the homebound teacher.

2. In most cases, all work will be returned to the classroom teacher for grading. The homebound teacher will help pace assignments, instruct and proctor tests.

3. Maintain close contact with the homebound or home based teacher to monitor the instructional progress of the student.

4. Collaborate with the homebound or home based teacher about the curriculum and appropriate instructional strategies

What are the Responsibilities of the Homebound or Home Based Teacher?
An individual employed as a homebound or home based teacher must hold a Tennessee teacher’s license. Every effort is made to secure teachers licensed in secondary content areas. For this reason, it may be necessary for secondary students to have multiple homebound or home based teachers. Teachers engaging in academic instruction in the home should also be able to adjust to a variety of home situations and be knowledgeable of cultural uniqueness.

In addition to the above, persons serving as homebound or home based teachers must:

1. Provide a minimum of three hours of instruction time to student. Travel time is not included in the three hours required instruction time.

2. Maintain close contact with the student’s teacher(s) to receive and implement appropriate educational programs.

3. Use assignments and materials provided by the teachers.

4. Maintain an accurate record of the hours of instruction provided for each assigned student and turn in to the Homebound Coordinator.

5. Fill out timesheet with a parents signature each day instruction occurs.

6. Submit the student’s completed work to the designated school representative (usually the student’s teacher) prior to the end of the grading period and maintain written documentation of work completed.

7. In most cases, all work will be returned to the classroom teacher for grading. The homebound teacher will help pace assignments, instruct and proctor tests. 

8. Document any instruction time that is interrupted because of the child not being available for the instruction period.

The grades obtained while receiving homebound or home based instruction should be averaged with the other grades earned by the student while in regular school attendance.

At the beginning of the homebound period, the Homebound Coordinator shall enter the start date and the estimated date of return. When the student returns, the estimated date of return shall be changed to the actual date. Homebound students shall not be dropped and re-entered, but shall remain enrolled and be counted present. The homebound coordinator will be in contact with parent/guardian for required documentation from physician.
Student and Guardians’ Rights and Responsibilities
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for assisting their child by following the procedures listed below:
  • The parent/guardian, or responsible adult of at least 18 years of age, MUST be present in the home during the ENTIRE instructional period.
  • The student will have any necessary nursing/medical care before the teacher’s arrival.
  • The student must be ready for instruction at the time designated by the homebound or home based teacher.
  • The parents/guardian will supervise daily homework to ensure work is getting completed between instruction days.If the student is not completing assignments termination of homebound services will be evaluated.
  • A quiet area, equipped with a table or desk and chairs, must be provided for use of the student and teacher during scheduled class times. If the student is bedridden, a designated place near the bed must be arranged for teaching materials or provide transportation to another agreed upon facility.
  • If there are animals in the home they shall be placed in a room other than the room teaching is occurring.
  • Televisions, radios and any other distractions are required to be eliminated during the entire instruction.
  • The necessary school materials (pen, pencils, paper, textbooks, etc.) are to be available.
  • The teacher and the student are not to be disturbed during the instructional period.
  • A regular program of study and preparation of lessons is required for each student. In addition to the two 1½ hour sessions of instruction provided by the homebound teacher, the student will be expected to complete assignments on his/her own time. Assignments must be completed prior to the homebound teacher’s next scheduled visit.
  • Students placed in the Homebound Program are not to visit their school campus. Students are not to attend extracurricular activities such as school dances or sporting events unless specifically authorized by the principal of the school. Attendance at such activities without prior written authorization may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.
  • Students placed in the Homebound Program should not be actively engaged in employment. Such employment may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.
  • The homebound application will be reviewed every 30 days by the physician, homebound teacher and homebound coordinator.
For Pregnancy
The Coffee County School System requires the current diagnosis and treatment plan, supported by documentation from the office visits and/or hospitalization admission and discharge summary, before making a homebound determination. It would be helpful to have a brief note stating the reason you feel homebound services are appropriate for this student. The homebound request cannot be considered until all of the above documentation and information is received. At that time a determination will be made whether it is in the student’s best interest to be placed on homebound or whether other educational adjustments would be more appropriate. TCA Section 49-10-1101 provides for homebound instruction for pregnant students. Under this law each pregnant student is entitled to three hours of homebound instruction per week throughout a six-week period of maternity leave. (“If the student’s physician certifies in writing that the student’s medical condition prevents the student from returning to regular classes, then the local education agency shall continue to offer three hours of homebound instruction per week, subject to periodic recertification that the student remains medically unable to attend class because of health complications arising from the pregnancy.”)